Special Milling Machine

Special milling machine designed for interior machining. This machine machines the intersection between two cavities so as to ensure that there are no chips or loose material. The machine has two controlled axes, as

Leak Testing Machine 1457

The leak testing machine 1457 is a unit to check two chambers. One high-pressure chamber and the other a low-pressure chamber. Provided with a label issuer, which dispenses a label only when the part

Manual Leak Testing Device 1440

Manual leak testing device 1440 for closing the screwed part, both closures and plugs. When the part geometry is more simple, we normally use manual clamps to facilitate closing without the use of tools.

Leak Testing Machine With Closing Sequence

Leak testing machine with closing sequence. This application has a set of hydraulic closing units, supported on fastening points of the crankcase. These closing units operate following the bolting sequence of the crankcase. Hence,