During the preliminary stages of implementing a quality assurance certificate, we were faced with the question what are core business exactly was. Since we are a company involved in engineering projects, we quickly realised this would be a good start. First we focused on PMI. Without a doubt, this was the appropriate framework; however, PMI certifies people and not companies. Fortunately, the ISO 21500 certificate meets the two requirements: It is based on PMI and is a company certificate. Hence, after working arduously for some time, Somabe obtained the ISO 21500 certification in December 2015.

From our point of view, project management will play an increasingly more prominent role, not only for companies such as ours that are involved in product development, but also for the automotive industry in general, where talk of “project capturing” is becoming more and more common, and where the parts to be manufactured increasingly require more means to launch the production, while the time these parts are actually in production is decreasing. It may be clear that in these conditions, manufacturing a new part is a project in every sense of the word. For this reason, we believe that to be certified according to the ISO 21500 is a value for our customers: we use common concepts and vocabulary, as well as a common frame of reference, based on best practices in the industry, whatever their source: PMI or ISO 21500.

Download our ISO Certificate (PDF)